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Hungária Junior Champion (meoe)

Serbia junior champion

Romaina Junior champion

Roman champion

Szerb Champion


Jet Setter at Independent The Joker
Megaville Vision
Tulsadoom Abi albon
Emred Huntsman
Tulasdom Amba Umbhumbluzo
Megaville She's the One
Penbray Play to devilr
Cover Up Into Megaville

Seventh Heaven The Joker

CH.Rocky Top's Sundance kid
CH.Einstein the Joker
Special Edition of serius desir

Rodeo Queen the Joker
Special Edition of Serious Desire
CH.Nell The Joker

CH.Cosmopolitan Black Magic Eyes

CH.Legendary Leon Timar

CH.Nosrettap Celtic Star at Kilacabar

CH.Alecto kool barracuda at Kilacabar

Kilacabar Fire and Ice at Nostrettap

CH.Hoza Hanka Timar
CH.Gentle law man of kilacabar
CH.Foremna Frytka Timar

Cosmopolitan Silver Screen

Pollyssa's Zero Zero Zeus
CH.Pollyssa's Magic Michael
CH.Pollyssa's Phenohenal Psygie

CH.Cosmopolitan Super Naturally
Pollyssa's Brainy Braveheart
CH.Cosmopolitan Glassheart