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Serbian clubshow 2. place

Hungarian trophyshow:

Holland clubshow:


Topfuel Myth of Tyebar

Prince playboy at Topfuel
Topfuel Playboy
Penbray Play To Devil
Bowring Eye candy
Lilly's Love
Warradcaseycold as ice
Blighty Dream Boat
Tyebar top Tottie
Tyebar i'm no Trouble
Marselshea Devil May Cry
Midnite Crossing To Tyebar
Onyxmoon Into The Sun
Marsalshea Horatio
Tyebar Simply Stunning
Independent Hypnotic Poison

Dust In The Wind opalpalst
Alecto kool barracuda

Lustyglaze to hot too handle

Minnford emerald isle

Opalplast Satin jedy
Kiladagh beetlejuice
santana supernatural jedy
Bullterrific Arianne
Natty nathan Timar
cwmdulais Marshelsea
Hoza hanka timar

Kiwi from Fighting Angels
hunter of speaking eyes
Fighting angels angels